MIKE CAMPBELL - VP Finance and Business Operations
As Vice President Finance and Business Operations & co-founder of Green Generation Group, LLC, Mr. Campbell is utilizing his vast experience in support of transitioning and operations of power facilities, due diligence and project development for client opportunities.

Mr. Campbell started in the power industry with Duke Power Company at the Allen Steam Plant. While working at the coal-fired power plant, he served in various positions in maintenance, operations, fuel handling, and technical support areas. As a plant Superintendent, Mike's responsibilities included craft and staff supervision, outage planning and management, engineering support, business planning, and direct management of overall maintenance and operations activities for the plant.

Mike joined Duke/Fluor Daniel (D/FD), as Director of Plant Start-up and Operations. His responsibilities ranged from providing management direction and technical support for D/FD commissioning, testing to on-going operations and maintenance activities. While at D/FD, He spent two (2) years in Indonesia as Business Development Manager for PT Nusantara Power Services (a D/FD subsidiary for performing O&M in Indonesia).

Mike has participated in due diligence and business development opportunities in the USA and several international locations including Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, Brazil and Egypt. As General Manager and later Vice President of Operations and Maintenance for D/FD, Mr. Campbell was responsible for multiple domestic and international projects. In addition, He has written numerous operations and maintenance guidelines for utility research groups.

Mike is also co-founder and VP Plant Operations of Power Plant Professionals, LLC (P3). P3 provides management, technical, operations, maintenance, and project consulting services to the power industry

Mr. Campbell graduated from North Carolina State University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and earned a MBA from Winthrop University. He is a licensed professional engineer in North and South Carolina.
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