In 2011 Mr. Teece co-founded HydroSphere Power Generation to focus on renewable energy applications using hydro-electric and bio-electricity generating plants. With his leadership, HydroSphere developed two hydro-kinetic generation systems and the bio-electricity pod generation system. As a co-founder, Executive VP and COO of G3, Tony continues to lead the implementation of these generation technologies

Tony has been involved in the Construction Industry for his entire working history. He began by working as a junior field engineer involved in the physical construction and progressed to post procurement, pre-construction. As his skills, experience, and reputation grew he took on increasingly challenging roles in the design and fabrication of high end technical equipment in both oil and power industries.

As his career advanced he held positions of Project Coordinator through Senior Project Manager. With his hands-on approach, Tony has gained valuable practical experience in project procurement, commissioning, and construction procedures and standards.

Mr. Teece was born in Manchester England, and has worked on projects in Egypt, Europe and Malaysia prior to coming to United States of America in 2000. Work in the US included major pollution control equipment upgrades at large coal fired power plants.

Educated at Primary school level in Manchester passed 11+ scholarship qualification to Grammar School, grade achieved was one of the highest in country. Attended Manchester Central Grammar School achieved eight certificates to Oxford Joint Matriculation Standards and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology HND where he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
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