The energy contained within a moving body of water is a genuinely renewable, clean, safe, and efficient source of energy. Run of river energy is generally considered to be the most concentrated and least variable form of renewable energy. Flow is predictable, seasonally in advance, making it easy to match supply and demand.

It is the high power density of water based energy which suggests that it has the capacity to become the lowest cost renewable energy source. As water is approximately 800 times denser than air, the energy density of a river vastly exceeds that of wind, dramatically increasing the amount of energy available for harvesting.

Our solution was created by engineers, scientists, and business leaders who believe the planets abundant natural energy can be harnessed while minimizing any potential environmental impact.


Neutral Vane Turbine
Vortex Turbine
G3's Neutral Vane Turbine utilizes pivoting vanes to maximize the energy captured from moving streams of water. The turbine can be installed without interrupting the water flow One Neutral vane system, depending on the flow conditions, can produce up to 5 MW of clean reliable electrical power.
G3's Vortex Turbine utilizes the earth's rotation and its effect on flowing water to produce electricity. This design is best applied to situations where a side stream can be diverted to the turbine. THe water is returned to the main flow after passing through the turbine. Depending on the flow conditions, our Vortex System can provide up to 5 MW of electrical power.
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