Algae Feedstock

Our process depends on a carefully selected strain of algae that is properly conditioned in an optimal growth environment to produce a high volume of product in the shortest amount of time. We grow and nurture our algae feedstock to ensure the quality and vitality of the product in order to maintain the productivity of our systems.
Our system grows algae in a controlled environment with the proper lighting, nutrients, and temperature to produce biodiesel fuel. Using the lowly diatom to multiply in an enhanced environment with strictly controlled conditions allow this naturally occurring plant to flourish. When enough of this organically cultivated material exists, it can be harvested and processed to produce diesel fuel of sufficient quality to power a generator. Our modular design concept allows us to build a right size stand-alone power generation facility that makes use of our closed loop cultivation process. Our Super Pods are modular and can be transported by truck or rail and shipped anywhere in the world.

Biodiesel Facilities

Algae is a living organism and we cultivate it to produce beneficial products in addition to biodiesel, the process can  produce Oxygen, Glycerin, Phosphorus, and Biomass. These all have a market value that can further improve your bottom line.
The environment and its protection dictate our design and engineering. Environmental safe procedures control our processes. Operational safety coupled to aesthetic design blend the products into the landscape. The expertise guiding the engineering has experienced environmental impacts and the subsequent modifications that affect the power industry which ensures those important environmental safety guidelines are part of the final assembled product.
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