We currently have two hydroelectric projects under contract. Both projects will utilize flowing water from existing canals to provide much needed energy.

Project 1 will utilize six of our Neutral Vane Turbines and will generate a total of 7.2 MW.

Project 2 will utilize our Vortex Turbine and will generate 0.9 MW.

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Hydroelectric News
We continue to refine and optimize the algae production from our Super Pods. G3's testing and research facility (pictured) is used to advance the growth of Algae in our controlled environment. We are developing a facility that will produce 1,500 barrels per day of biodiesel. Unlike other algae production facilities the entire 1,500 barrel per day facility will occupy only 15 acres. Once completed this facility will be the prototype for a 1200 MW electrical facility in the far east.
Biotectural News
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