Green Generation Group, LLC (G3) was formed in June 2013, to develop innovative green technologies for the energy industry. G3 has solutions which meet the growing demand for energy while continuing to minimize environmental impacts.
Hydroelectric Generating Systems
Biotectural Facilities
Our small hydroelectric systems are ideal for locations that have rapidly flowing water. Our Neutral Vane and Vortex Turbines can produce up to 5 MW from streams, canals and discharges from hydroelectric plants. Neutral Vane and Vortex turbines do not require a dam and they can be installed with little or no interruption to the water flow.
G3's Biotectural Facilities are purposed designed to cultivate and grow algae to harvest the lipid oil content of the algae. By complete transesterification the oil then can be modified to be used in other processes. The integration of this system with power islands using conventional generators which can burn biodiesel can offer electrical power at economical rates.

Our system grows algae in a controlled environment with the proper lighting, nutrients, and temperature to produce biodiesel fuel. Our Super Pods are modular and can be transported by truck or rail and shipped anywhere in the world.
G3 provides design, procurement, construction, and commissioning for our systems. Our aftermarket services include remote performance monitoring of each facility, spare parts, O&M and technical support. G3 provides each client with a turn-key solution. Even after turning over the key, our expertise still can influence the performance of the equipment and achieve project objectives
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